Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sew Saturday

Pin It This last Saturday I went to my quilt club Sew Saturday. We all get together at our work recreation building and sew all day long from 8am - 4pm. It is heaven getting away from my two distractions (husband and child). I swear they can sense me turning on the light on my machine and suddenly I'm the most important person and the only one that can help them.

The first part of the day I learned how to make a no-topple bag.

It is made from fabric that stands up stiff all on its own. The cotton fabric on the outside is part of a series of pockets all the way around the bag. It even has a little key clip and a little velco pouch inside it.

The last part of the day (including when I got home until 10:30pm) I finished sewing the presents for all my son's teachers. All SIX of them! I probably didn't need to make the music teacher and PE teacher presents, but once you include the reading teacher and the two extended care teachers, you might as well make a present for all of them.

I had Ruben go around with a list of all the teachers earlier in the month and ask each one what her favorite color was. That way I could tailor the little pouches to suit their preferences. I think they turned out pretty cute and they all liked them.

I think my next project needs to be me cleaning out my sewing area. It looks like an episode out of hoarders. I should horrify you all and post a picture of it.

 Still looking for three people to sign up for Pay It Forward. Just respond to this post, let me know your email address - or at least have it linked to your profile. I will send you a handmade gift from yours truly. When I email you for your address, let me know if there are any colors that are your favorite, or if there is a specific color that you can't abide by.

In return, you will blog about Pay It Forward 2011. Then send a handmade gift to the first three people who comment on your blog post. It doesn't have to be sewn. It can be drawn, knitted, hooked, painted, or whatever you love to do, as long as it is handmade. You can take your time to do it - you have 365 days to complete it.
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