Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Remiss in posting

Pin It Oy. This will be my first non-picture post. It has been busy busy busy here around Casa K2. Ruben turned 9 and we had his birthday party at the local movie theater. This is the second year in a row we did a party at the movies. I love it because I can invite infinity number of children and I don't care who RSVP's or who actually shows up because I pay a flat rate per child. Takes a lot of stress off me. Most venues have a 12 child limit and charge a premium per kid after the limit. So I end up stressing that we will get 12 kids to show up so I don't feel like I am wasting my money to pay for 12 and only have 5 show. Plus, with the movies, you are almost guaranteed that the kids will sit still for 1+ hours.

We are also in the midst of trying to buy a investment condo or house. Here in the Pacific Northwest and specifically, Snohomish County, the housing prices are so low that it is almost a shame to not try to get one if you can afford it. If we can get something that isn't too expensive and doesn't need a lot of work before the end of the summer, we have a guaranteed renter. Our renter will be my youngest stepdaughter (23 yrs old) Diana who wants to move out. She currently lives with her mother and older sister. She is a really responsible and sweet young lady with a stable job. So, we are looking at places every chance we get. There has already been a couple of places we liked but weren't able to buy because as investors, we have to wait for 2 weeks before we can offer on a place. Some of the banks do this because they prefer owner occupied properties. I  completely understand because people are less likely to default on a house that is keeping the rain off their heads than they are on an investment property if their situation changes and money gets tight.

If you are so inclined, pray for us that we are able to find something affordable, in good condition, and in the area we are looking.

I also went to Family Day at my niece Jasmine's school. She is 16 and volunteered to go to a military style boarding school for six months. Truely volunteered. And it wasn't in front of a judge because she was in trouble. She is 4 months into her stay (term?) and is doing great. She graduates in June and then will go back to her regular local public school in September.

So, there you go. There are all my excuses for not posting recently. I haven't sewed a stitch in 2-3 weeks. It seems like every weekend I am running around just trying to get stuff done. And forget about sewing during the week. It is enough to just work 40+ hours, run errands, clean, make sure homework and reading assignments are done, give Ruben time to play outside (which means I have to sit on front porch so he is supervised), make meals, etc.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bar Soap Bag Tutorial

Pin It Hey, look at me. I'm doing a tutorial. Who would have ever thunk it?

Before you follow my directions verbatim, figure out what size your soap is and adjust accordingly. I am using Dove soap bars and they fit slightly tight into these bags (until you use them once or twice), but if you use a square bar or one with different dimensions, yours may not fit in the same size bag.

The washcloths I used were approximately 13" square and I wanted my finished bags to be 3" x 4" with a 3/4" - 1" folded over flap.
- Mark the lines at 5" x 8+". As you can see, I was able to get four marked on one washcloth. I actually just marked the 5" and then ran the lines up to the next 5" line.
- Pin the lines.
- Straight stitch along the lines and then zigzag stitch over the straight stitch. If you have a serger, have at it, I don't have one but I hear they are wonderful!

- Cut the pieces apart just outside the zigzag line.
- Zigzag stitch (or serge) across the top of each piece to prevent fraying.

- If you don't have a serger (I don't) use the factory serged edge as the top of the bag.
- Sew on 2" velcro strips. I put the hook on the inside, and the loop on the front.

- Turn right sides together.
- Leave 3/4" - 1" at top for flap and pin.

- Sew both side seams.
- Turn right side out.

- Sew the side seams down about 1".
- CAUTION - This part is hard to explain but I will do my best.... You sew the side seams onto the back of the bag. Do not sew straight down over the bag opening. Lift the opening out of the way so you can sew down a 1/4" - 1/2" below the opening of the bag. I hope that makes sense.

Tah dah! Your very own soap bags. You can use them for soap slivers or for a whole bar of soap.
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