Sunday, May 5, 2013

No Sewing Excuse #1

Pin It I realized that I never posted about my new toy and my #1 reason why I don't sew when it finally gets nice outside in the Pacific Northwest. Ta Dah!

Electra Gypsy, retro cruiser bicycle

This is my Electra Gypsy Cruiser bicycle. The trail I am on is the Centennial Trail. Very popular trail made from an old discontinued railroad. It runs between the City of Snohomish and the City of Arlington. The mountain in the background is Mount Pilchuck.

Mount Pilchuck

We can also see this mountain from our living room.

I got this bicycle last year for my birthday. I have since put a different basket on the front and added a front disk brake. It originally only came with coaster brakes which work fine until I go down steep hills. Then the brakes heat up and have an ear piercing squeal.

Electra Gypsy Cruiser, retro bicycle, Shoe Tree, Centennial Trail

Also along the Centennial Trail. The tree in the background is covered with shoes. I have no idea why.

Electra Gypsy Cruiser, retro bicycle, Centennial Trail

The Centennial Trail runs through a very pretty valley with many small hobby farms on either side of the trail. See the big ass mule? If you look closely, there are two more horses under the bridge. This is a farm that has property on either side of the Trail. There is a pass through under the bridge for their animals to access either field.

Electra Gypsy Cruiser, retro bicycle, Centennial Trail Machias

This is the trailhead in Machias where we parked. It is designed to look like a railroad depot. Closer to Snohomish there is a former railroad depot that has been converted into a private house. I didn't get a photo of it because it is a private house and it had a large privacy fence running around it. Clearly they wanted privacy, so I respected that and didn't take a photo of it.

Another bicycle trip we like to take is from our house down to the Everett waterfront. There is a trail behind the Port of Everett, Pigeon Creek Trail. It parallels some current and well used railroad tracks. It ends at a little beach.

Electra Gypsy Cruiser, retro bicycle, Everett, Pigeon Creek Trail

In the background you can see the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier that is based in Everett.

Everett, Pigeon Creek Trail, Fish Cracker Wall
Last picture. This is a funky wall that is on the way down to Pigeon Creek trail. We have nicknamed the wall the Fish Cracker Wall. I find this wall ridiculously amusing.

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