Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vespa Love

Pin It I named my scooter. Her name is now Rosie, and you will see why in a moment. First a before picture.

Please excuse the poor lighting. Notice the 300 on the side. It came with the scoot and I never really liked it. So I took it off and added......

A Rosie the Riveter decal on the side instead of the 300. I think it suits both my Vespa and myself. I'm a real life Rosie, although I don't rivet. I do work building airplanes for a company that made many of the famous bombers during WWII. I work on a daily basis inside the wings of large commercial airplanes. I'm immensely proud of the work I do. And I do a job that few people can perform.

Here is a close-up of the decal. I ordered it off Amazon, and it is advertised to go on the back of a laptop. But I think it is perfect on my little Rosie.

Now I just need to lose 20 pounds and I'll go get some pin up photos taken with me and Rosie.


Jen said...

Oooh, that's such a cute scooter! And what a perfect name for her :)

David Masse said...

The Vespa GTS 300 is an amazing beast. There's not much it can't do from zipping around traffic in the city, to cruising expressways, and long distance touring in the company of big touring bikes. It's also extremely comfortable and can haul more stuff than just about anything else on two wheels.

The longer you ride it, the better it gets.

Thanks for the heads' up on the RAM X-mount.

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