Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Out of terrible, something wonderful

Pin It I just had a pretty crappy day at work. I teach "adults" (in quotations because some are legally adults, but.... well, you know) how to build commercial airplanes. I won't mention the company I work for, but, lets just say it is a large airplane manufacturing company in the Pacific Northwest. So, I am stuck with a particular student who has been frustrating the heck out of every instructor we have. He moves around like molasses on a cold day. He wanders off and won't stay on task. He does all his work at the absolute minimum (or less) level. I had to fail his project today because he took too long on it and the material he was working with has a specific application time. Just irritating because I don't like to see people fail.

I was so frustrated from work, I HAD to go to the fabric store on the way to pick up my son at his sisters house. Good thing I had two patterns with me in the car. Hmmmm. Coincidence? Maybe. So here is what I got.

Both are a knit material which I have not worked with in years. It should be interesting (hopefully, without colorful language).

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