Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lazy Weekend

Pin It I did almost nothing useful this past weekend. Okay, Saturday I did go to church and we all took the in-laws to the Knights of Columbus Steak Fry. But Sunday was a lazy lazy day. I did put on clothes for about 2 hours to go to the used bookstore with the 8 year old. We also got two goldfish for his fish tank. But as soon as I got home, it was back into the pajamas and on with the headscarf.

Here is me trying to avoid Mr. K2 taking my picture. Ignore the messy background, remember, lazy weekend.

I did get a tiny amount of sewing done.

I've been playing around with a Lil' Twister tool. The first step is to sew 5" blocks together, I did mine on Saturday. The second step is to use this little plastic tool to cut out squares from the blocks you sewed together.

You can just barely see the tool in this picture. It is lined up on the seam lines in the lower corner of the yellow floral block. So, you cut out the little blocks. Line them up so they are pinwheels, and sew them back together again. This is actually my 2nd version using this tool. I've been buying a lot of charm packs from Missouri Star Quilt Company deal of the day. They list a different tool or fabric pack every day that is on sale. I have been able to pick up some great deals this way. This version, I used background fabric for every other block.

Here is my first version. It turned out tiny, only 18" by 28". I supposed I could use it as a pillowcase. But it seemed like a waste to use 40 different fabrics and have it turn out that small.

I've realized that one of the reasons I like to piece quilt blocks is because I'm a little anxious (panicky) about sewing clothes. Quilt blocks are all straight lines, easy peasy. Clothes are a few straight lines, but mostly curves and you have to make adjustments for your body type. I am used to doing things easily and well if it involves working with my hands. I'm not used to struggling and having to do something over and over again to get it right. Sigh. I need to quit being such a whiney baby and just jump in with both feet and do it. What is funny/interesting is, I know that if I took a class in sewing, I would probably be one of the better students. I usually am. I grasp concepts easily and if I see something demonstrated I can usually do it myself. Sort of a, "well, you did it, that must mean I can do it", kind of thing. My current quilt class is over in May. Maybe I will sign up for a sewing clothes class at that time. Until then, I guess you all get to see more aprons and quilt blocks.

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