Friday, February 11, 2011

Mom Raid

Pin It Whew. It has been almost two weeks since I posted and a lot has happened. The bad news first. My Mother-In-Law had a mild heart attack on Tuesday and had 3 stents put in her arteries. She is doing well, feeling fiesty and wanting to go home. She should be allowed to go home sometime today.

Now, the good news. My Mom and I have a little tradition of going out on Super Bowl Sunday. Traffic is great, the shops are clear, etc. This year we went to the Antique and Vintage show at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. I mostly bought brooches and a couple of patterns. I've been wearing brooches on my aprons at work a lot lately. My 8 year old son actually inspired me to start doing this. I was going through my costume jewelry the other day and he was oohing and ahhing over all my geegaws. So, I figured there isn't any reason that I can't actually USE my brooches instead of them just sitting in a box.

Here is a picture of the new/old brooches I got at the antique show. I went just a little crazy. Especially since the only thing I was really looking for was a sweater clip. Notice sweater clip at the very bottom of the photo. So far this week, I have worn the peacock, alligator, flying pig, dragon, and flamingo.

Here are the patterns I picked up. All were $1-2.

Lastly, and the reason for my post title, my Mom let me raid her sewing room for stuff she doesn't use anymore. She doesn't sew clothes anymore, just quilts. So she let me take her tailors hams.

Her box of rick rack.

Her large collection of buttons.

Which included this bag of buttons of buttons still on their cards.

Here are just a small selection of some of the cards. Notice the one on the upper left. Army Replacement buttons!

She also gave me this metal apple that belonged to my Grandmother on my Dad's side of the family. This Grandma died before I was born, so it is really special to me to have some of her sewing things.

Here is the inside of the apple.

What is that strange metal egg object, you ask?

It is a thimble box and pin cushion. Too cool, huh?

Final picture. What do you think? Do I have too many patterns?

Those are 16 quart storage boxes. Vintage on the bottom eight boxes. Retro and Modern on the top four.


Jane said...

..and I thought I'd gone mad buying five vintage patterns...! Wow, what a stash, love all your mum's sewing things, you're so lucky. x

Sam said...

Go Mom! What an fantastic Mom to have all that awesome stuff! Wish my Mom had been a sewer :-) Sam xox

J. said...

What a fun tradition! I love the spectacle broach!

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