Thursday, May 19, 2011

My broiled?????

Pin It You might notice that my comments are now moderated. I have had the same person twice post the following, ""You aggressive me as able-bodied as all the others actuality and your broiled is absolutely nice." uhhhhhhh..... Thank you?

What does that even mean? Has everyone been able to see my broiled all day and no one told me?

I should probably tone it down a little if I'm going around aggressiving people with my broiled.

I suspect the person was a spammer because both posts were followed by a link that I was too chicken to click on.

So, if you have any suggestions as to what my broiled is, or how to tone down my agressiving, please comment.

This could get interesting.


wacky tacky said...


delia hornbook said...

I have no idea. But i would ignore it and try and not worry about it. dee x

Gail said...

I suspect Google translator at work!

Polly Dolly said...

Brilliant, thats so funny!

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