Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coo coo for camo

Pin It What is it with boys and their obsession with camoflauge? My 8 year old would wear camo every day, all day, if we let him. Fortunately, he has to wear a uniform for school. But he has camo underwear, pants, shirts, pajamas, bath robe, slippers, blankets, etc.

Shot of his robe, pj's, and slippers.

Case in point. I bribe him to go in fabric stores with me by telling him that I will consider getting fabric for him if he behaves and can find something that he doesn't already have. I guess that means I'm contributing to the problem, but I would rather have peace to do my fabric shopping instead of a whiny kid. Yesterday I finished putting the satin binding on his third camo style polar fleece blanket.

Regular green camo, digital camo, and grey camo with black tanks & helicopters.

What is funny is that if he grows up and joins the military, he will probably hate wearing camo by then.

I haven't done too much sewing today. Just finished another pink coin purse. The first one I did didn't have pockets and I didn't like it enough to give to my friend tomorrow for her birthday. Cut out the fabric for another coin purse. This time for me in two brown animal prints. I might start on it after I finish posting to my blog. Then again, I might not because I am going to go see the movie "The King's Speech" with my two step-daughters (23 DD and 25 Katie) and the younger one's boyfriend is going with us too. Super nice kid, the boyfriend. He asked my husband permission to date DD before they officially started dating. How cute is that?

Additional fun shot from my shop...

This is the chamber pot I keep on my cutting table to put my small fabric scraps and other detris in. Get it? A chamber pot for my crap! LOL. I don't usually keep it in the middle of my cutting board. This was just so I didn't include the rest of the embarrassingly messy area that is my shop / sewing area into the picture. My sister brought this back for me from the UK. Her husband was at an Air Force base there. I actually wanted one with a lid, but I think this one works better because I don't have to store the lid somewhere while I use it. Yes, that is season three DVD of Mad Men in the background of the shot. I use a little portable DVD player sometimes in my shop when I am working.

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