Sunday, March 20, 2011


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Only I would go to a Quilt Club meeting and come back with patterns. Okay, I knew that I probably would this month because my QC was having an Auffle. What is an Auffle you ask? It is basically an Auction and a Raffle mashed up together. Everyone brings things they want to get rid of; whether it is fabric or books or patterns. You buy raffle tickets for $.25 each. Then you use your raffle tickets to bid on specific items that you want. For example, if there is a stack of fabric you want, you place however many raffle tickets of yours into the bin in front of the fabric. Then they mix up the tickets and choose one. Whomevers ticket is drawn would win the fabric.

Here is some of what I won...

Two sweet sleeveless dresses. I especially like the one on the right.

Two dresses and an apron.

Two more aprons.

A playsuit and blouse pattern.

These were in a large pile of patterns, of which I sent the majority to the charity shop because they were awful 1980's patterns or wouldn't suit my body type. The pattern on the left was the only one I really wanted, and only one other person bid on this lot of patterns. I kept the 1970's one on a whim because I liked it.

Giveaway Information

I have posted 3 out of the 5 packages from my giveaway. Allie and Tart Deco have not gotten ahold of me yet to give me their addresses so I can send them their prizes. I will give them until 3/25 at 6pm Pacific time to send me their addresses to k2bernhard at gmail dot com.

If they don't get ahold of me, what do you think? Should I just redraw names? Or have another giveaway? Or even let people say which pattern they want and only draw names based on that? Let me know what you think.


sparkledonkey said...

You have got to have the best pattern finding luck! I love that you got them at a Quilt Club meeting, haha.

That dress on the right in the top pic is seriously swoonworthy!

K2 said...

The best part is I only paid $11 for tickets. And I didn't only get patterns. I got a few pieces fabric too and a kit to build a little portable fort for my son. I'm going to build it out of camo fabric for him.

Sarah Elaine said...

love that romper pattern!

Becca said...

I enjoyed visiting again today. Just wanted to let you know I received my package. Thank you again for the great vintage buttons.

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