Monday, March 28, 2011

Non-sewing related post

Pin It After a long time coming, some tears, and lots of work, I would like to present...... drum roll please..... a newly minted bike riding kid.

Check out the big huge grin that he has.

This is literally minutes after he started riding his bike on his own. What is really funny is Mr. K2 and son had just gotten back from the store where they had purchased a new bicycle for Ruben. The bike you see in the picture is his old bike. We told him he couldn't get his new bike until his birthday (mid-April) AND when he learned to ride his old bike. Ruben and I had worked many many times together to teach him to ride, but nothing had caught on. Then Mr. K2 takes him out and within a half hour Ruben is riding on his own.

Now I need to find a better bike for myself. I am looking at Electra's, they are so pretty. Yah, I know, pretty probably isn't the first thing I should be looking for. I love their retro styling too, but I don't know if I would prefer the coaster brakes like they have on the cruiser models, or if I would like hand brakes better. I think I need to go do some more research. My favorites are the Betty 3i in Hot Red (with leopard seat!), and the Hawaii Custom in Butterscotch. If anyone has any insight into Cruiser / Retro style bikes, please let me know.

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