Monday, March 7, 2011

The Big Box of Patterns

Pin It Some of you requested a sample of what came in the Big Box of Patterns (BBP). Here is just a small sample of my favorites that I cherry picked out of the box.

First up. Butterick 2745. I think this wrap around dress is adorable.
McCalls 4102. Doesn't the middle dress look exactly like something Betty Draper would wear?
Vogue 5465. I doubt I could make this and have it look nice on my figure, but I still think it is pretty.

Simplicity 8251. Cute beach coverup. Don't you love the headband on the center model?
Simplicity 7097. Another very cute beach coverup.
McCall's 9336. Shorts and two different tops.

Simplicity 1459. I have this one filed under housecoats. Normally I probably would have filed it under shirtdresses, but, come on, the mop! Miss Red Stripe has a mop!
Simplicity 5449. Another cute wrap dress.
New York Pattern 656. My only New York Pattern. Pretty nightgown.

Simplicity 4354. Pretty sundress.
Simplicity 4105. I'm not sure if I should file this under housedress or not. I can see it being a housedress because of the buttons up the side.
Simplicity 1164. Sweet teen dress. Way too small for me, but cute still.

This is just a tiny sample of the patterns in the BBP. I'm a sucker for housedresses, wrap dresses, playsuits, and sun dresses.

I had a question about how I buy patterns from ebay. Honestly, I don't really have a system. I tend to leap in with both feet. I try to keep the cost down though. The BBP, I paid less than $1 per pattern. What I try to do is go through the pictures on an auction and count up the patterns I really want. Then I estimate how much maximum I am willing to pay per pattern I want, and I bid accordingly. I usually try to get patterns for less than $5-10 per pattern if I really really want them.

You all are witnesses, I am officially giving up Ebay for Lent. So, no more patterns for me for a little while. Probably no more until after May. My work quilt club is going on a road trip in May to a really good fabric store in Portland, Oregon. I want to save my allowance for fabric.


Leslie said...

I'm envious - will you be going to Josephine's in Portland?

K2 said...

We are scheduled to go to Fabric Depot. I don't know where else. The club president has already said whoever is in her car will be going to Powell's too. So I claimed a spot in her car!

delia hornbook said...

Oooohhh wow you have some amazing patterns there, i love the first 3 best, 50's i just love them. You certainly have an eye for them, Giving them up for Lent bless you good luck with that ;-)) Dee x

Marie said...

What fab patterns you got in that stash...I'm so impressed! Can't believe you're giving up eBay for lent...maybe I should try too ;o)

Ashley said...

Wow, looks like you bid (and won) a gold mine! I love ebay, but it is so addictive. ;)

I really like that middle housecoat pattern, red dress illustration. Looks like it would really make a cute dress!

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