Saturday, January 8, 2011

Close the curtain

Pin It Pretty productive day for me. I was able to sew the curtain panels for the back of the home theater room. Otherwise known as the-room-where-hubbies-giant-TV-has-been-banished-to-because-it-is-too-big-for-my-living-room. We have a bonus space in our basement that Mr. K2 recently finished off by studding it out, insulating it, plaster and paint. There are future plans to use about a quarter of the room to put in a second bathroom so we had to leave that part of the room unfinished. Currently the space is being used as the very messy desk and computer area.
See pic of messy desk area.

Mr. K2 is planning a Super Bowl party for a few of his friends and I didn't want everyone seeing the nice finished part of the room and then... SURPRISE... unfinished disaster area. Hence the curtains. Plus, dontcha think it looks very theater-like with the curtains behind the couch?

Don't you love the movie refreshments pictures on the wall? We got them from a party store and threw them into some frames we picked up on sale.

I remember going to the drive-in theater when I was little and seeing the animated cartoon during intermission that had these characters. Let's All Go To the Lobby....

My favorite part of the room?

The movie style popcorn maker. Oh, yah!

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