Sunday, January 2, 2011

Frustration and Fun

Pin It I have been working on McCall's 6120 and slowly getting frustrated with it. I cut the pattern out in a 20 because of my hip measurement, but I'm really a 14-16 in the bust area. So, I'm attempting to figure out how to tailor it to fit my unique measurements. And getting more and more annoyed and panicky about ruining it completely. Sigh. Here are some pics of the *bleep* project.

Front view. Notice the flappy bits on the side which are the parts I need to get the guts to cut off.

Side view. Here is my dilemma, if I just cut the flappy extra bits off, I end up with a teeny tiny arm hole.

So, instead of confronting my fears about ruining the shirt project, I instead went on to something else that I knew would be easy. Okay, that and watched hours of Jerseylicious to avoid working on the shirt. So, I made another apron for work. This time in a red rose pattern. McCall's 2947.

Pocket on front with 3 compartments. Two outer compartments shown by black handle (my expandable magnet tool for finding pins on floor) and the other by the scrap of pink fabric.

The beige straps that show under the apron are bra straps. In order to make Ruby Blue (my dressform) the right size for my under the bust measurement, I had to add "padding" to her bust.

So, to avoid the shirt today, I am going to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Pacific Science Center with my son, Ruben (8 years old), my friend Debbie, and her daughter Christie (18 years old).  It should be fun. Debbie and Christie are HUGE fans of Harry Potter.

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Erin said...

Here's what you do. Put the shirt on inside out (or if you are totally sure your dress form is correct, you can do it on there). Pin along what you think should be the seam line, each pin point touching the next pin head so there are no space (this ensures your line is consistent and you can see exactly where the seam will be--and make sure it matches on the other side). They cut off the excess 5/8" away from your line of pins. Sew the seams. Then try the bodice on your actual body. If the arm hols are too snug, now is the time to carve them out to be bigger. It can be helpful to have a friend helps you with this. Again, just put a nice line of pins in the place you feel is the best place for the seam. Cut within 5/8" of your line of pins, keeping in mind that whether the shirt is sleeveless or has set-in sleeves you need to allow for the seam from the sleeve or facing, so don't cut it thinking that cut is the final shape. It will be 5/8" less after dealing with the sleeve or facing.

Hope this helps and thanks for checking out my blog! Happy sewing!

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